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21st edition

FEMINIST STEPS with Elena Biserna

12 participants – Price : 10.- // The meeting place will be communicated to registrants by email

Night workshop for women, gender non conforming and queer people

On the basis of some texts and protocols written by Pauline Oliveros, the Blank Noise collective and the independent historian/curator Elena Biserna, this workshop aims to be a platform to reflect together on gendered (listening) experiences in public space and to unlearn some of the behaviors that are assumed to be appropriate, safe or expected when we walk. Some first steps to question the asymmetries in spatial power relations and to imagine together practices of care, solidarity, re-appropriation or reversal that might feed other configurations and spatial practices.

see also : book's signature Walking from scores by Elena Biserna on Thursday 20.10 at 5pm at Librairie HumuS

THU 20.10, 20:00 - 23:00
FRI 21.10, 20:00 - 23:00